As the Greater Houston area continues its return to post-COVID-19 life and more people become vaccinated, the Houston Children’s Chorus has taken great measures to ensure the safety of participants in furtherance of its onward march to musically enrich the lives of the children, families and community we serve.  By quickly adapting our programs to include recommended health and safety standards, virtual participation options and virtual performances, the Chorus is proud to have successfully weathered the pandemic storm during the last year, offering children a much-needed social and creative outlet at a time described by many to be very isolating.  As the 2021-2022 Chorus season approaches, the preferred format will include in-person rehearsals in our large rehearsal hall that provides ample space for social distancing. [The Chorus provides every singer with a Houston Children’s Chorus singing mask.]  For students/families with extenuating health circumstances, upon approval, a virtual teaching platform will remain an option.  Limited in-person performances are the goal; however, the Chorus will adhere to all recommended health and safety standards related to public gatherings and notes that many of Houston’s great performance halls remain closed to the public.  For more information regarding in-person auditions and “virtual auditions,” please visit
If you have further questions, please email the Chorus office at info@houstonchildren.orgThe Chorus looks forward to continuing to make music together with Houston’s most talented singing angels!

Our purpose

We exist to musically enrich the lives of the children, families and community we serve. The mission of the Chorus is to teach children to achieve multi-cultural understanding through choral singing and performance. An equally important goal is the nurturing and growth of discipline, responsibility, teamwork, self-confidence, self-control and character building – all qualities that help children to succeed in life.

For School Principals & Teachers: